Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia


Wherever the Jonas Brothers go, thousands of screaming preteens are not far behind.

It seems to be every 4- to 16-year-old’s dream to meet the brothers from New Jersey, and it happens to be mine as well. The catch — I’m 20 years old.

And despite receiving playful ridicule from peers saying I’m too old to like them and that the notion in my head that I’ll meet them someday is irrational, my dream came true Saturday evening. I met the Jonas Brothers.

My two sisters and I have shared our love of the Jonas Brothers for just over a year. After seeing them in concert last summer when their super-stardom was just igniting, my mother feared landing tickets this summer would be almost impossible.

After spending hours on the computer, she got four tickets to their Chicago area concert that included access to a pre-concert sound check party where the Jonas Brothers answer questions and play a few songs.

We did our homework and found that the Jonas Brothers tend to pull fans on stage who wear inventive outfits.

On the Jonas Brothers’ most recent album is a song called “World War III.”

And what a coincidence; in our closets were vintage World War II army uniforms that we used for a high school performance three years ago.

On the Saturday afternoon drive from Deerfield to the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, we quickly scribbled, “We won’t start a WW3 with you!!” on a shocking pink poster and plotted further. If perchance we were chosen, we intended to ask if youngest brother, Nick, enjoyed his visit to Northwestern University last week. That was our goal — nothing more, nothing less.

With tickets in hand and nearly everyone staring at our ridiculous get-ups, we anxiously took our seats and waited.

When Kevin, Nick and Joe ascended to the stage, the immediate shrill of teenage girls was deafening; however, I took part in it too. The boys waved to the crowd and stood for a moment looking around at everyone. Middle brother, Joe, pointed to my sisters and me and said into his microphone, “Hey, that’s such a good idea!”

That in itself was enough. A Jonas Brother spoke directly to us. As the sound check went on, the brothers played a few songs and answered a few questions, none concerning Northwestern.

The brothers decided it would be fun to play musical chairs. Oldest brother, Kevin, said they needed four friends. As every hand flew in the air, and the screaming amplified, Joe Jonas pointed to me.

In disbelief, we took the stage and, in front of an audience of 500 people, played musical chairs with the brothers we never thought we’d meet.

Joe soon made the connection we were sisters and before we knew it, we were performing the Andrews Sisters’ “The Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” (a song we sang together in high school) for the Jonas Brothers.

After applauding and showering us with compliments, the boys decided it was time to return the favor.

My sisters and I lined up as Nick, Joe and Kevin serenaded us to one of my favorite songs, “Gotta Find You.” My knees almost buckled, and I was shocked that I didn’t pass out.

After the song was over, the three brothers and three sisters shared hugs and left the stage.

When I got back to my seat, it hit me. I just sang for the Jonas Brothers. Who does that?



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