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FLIPSIDE: Experiencing Jonas Brothers mania firsthand

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Where do you find 5,000 screaming girls? At a Jonas Brothers concert, of course!

And that’s exactly where I was on the first day of school.

It all started when my best friend Sonora’s mom came and picked us up. Then, we were off to Columbus. As we traveled, I slowly filled with excitement.

Once we finally found our hotel, I noticed a bunch of other girls getting ready for the concert. Soon, we shuffled our way to the coliseum.

My first step inside, I realized it was like every other civic center — except about six times bigger! There were people everywhere; some were rushing to find their seats while others were trying to sell flashing lights and other souvenirs.

When we found our seats, the warm-up band — Honor Society — was already playing. It took us a while to get to our seats because we had to plow through all the screaming girls who were dancing wildly.

There was a giant screen that hung down in the middle of the coliseum, and when you texted a certain number, your message would pop up on the screen. I thought that was very cool, so Sonora’s mom texted, “Sonora, Frannie and Shelby from WV luv the Jo Bros.” We waited and waited, but our message never did show up on the screen.

That kept us busy for about an hour, though. And then, the Jonas Brothers finally came on. The noise level went up about 1,000 notches. The chairs and floors were vibrating. It almost felt like an earthquake from the rumble.

Suddenly, it was dark. Orange and red spotlights were shooting throughout the coliseum. The first song, they played was “Paranoid,” which really got the crowd going.

After about five songs, Nick came out and did a solo. He sang “Black Keys” first and then “A Little Bit Longer.” In between those songs, he talked about what it was like to have diabetes and how he wasn’t going to let the disease slow him down. Clearly, it hasn’t.

During the song “Year 3000,” they brought out a trampoline and did flips across the stage. When Kevin did his flip, he didn’t land on his feet, but he quickly bounced back.

Following that, they sang “Love Bug” as it rained on the stage. It was real water, too, because they were dripping wet after that song.

They didn’t just sing Jonas Brothers songs, either. They guys also sang “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond and “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. The crowd went wild when “I Gotta Feeling” came on; it was almost as loud as when the Jonas Brothers first came onto the stage.

As the concert concluded, the members of Honor Society came back out and took their bows with the Jonas Brothers. The crowd was on its feet, clapping, stomping, screaming and making as much noise as possible.

Then, the crowd was flushing out of the coliseum. Once we finally got out of the crowd, we waited to see the Jonas Brothers’ tour bus depart for the band’s next concert.

The concert was very fun, exciting and lively. It was worth the long drive to Columbus for a special time with my friend.

Source: WV Gazette

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