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Beating The Beatles

Thursday September 17, 2009

Beating The Beatles

Can today’s bands measure up to The Beatles?

DON’T be surprised if we end the year with a deceased singer and a 1960s band, that has been defunct for nearly four decades, suddenly at the top of the album sales chart.

Okay, so The Beatles aren’t just any 1960s band, and Michael Jackson was more than just a singer to most of us. However, it’s still an impressive feat to beat all the young, paparazzi pandering, Twittering celebrities of today while you’re dead, or in The Beatles’ case, half dead (two out of the four members have passed).

Moreover, their sales figures speak for themselves. Jackson has sold five million albums since his death in June, and The Beatles’ remastered music catalogue and video game which were released last week is expected to bring in more than a billion US dollars.

It’s a timely reminder of what sheer musical talent can achieve. These guys weren’t just awesome musicians and performers – they became global icons simply by giving the world incredible music.

The Jonas Brothers
If we’re talking about popularity, then sadly, one of the closest bands we have today that is akin to The Beatles is The Jonas Brothers.

The brothers are, after all, a pop culture phenomenon, and young people just love them. Don’t forget, The Beatles was to a certain extent a manufactured pop product, too. Even the staunchest Beatles fans will tell you that Ringo Starr wasn’t the best drummer.

But Ringo had the right personality for the group, even though his quirky drumming style would only receive sympathy votes from other great musicians for being “unique” or some platitude of that sort.

The Jonas Brothers

The problem with the Jonas Brothers is that two out of three of them are Ringo Starrs. Nick seems to be the only one with any real talent. He was a solo artiste and theatre actor, but one of the record labels he was trying to sign with decided it was better for him to form a band with his two brothers.

Beatle-ness: One

Read full article, click here.

Source: R.AGE, the Star


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