Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia


The Disney stars-in-training program is alive, well and producing great results.

You’d think without “The Mickey Mouse Club,” it’d be bust.

But, no, folks like Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Zac Efron and the Jonas Brothers are burning up the charts thanks to their exposure in shows like “Hannah Montana,” “High School Musical” and “The Suite Life with Zack and Cody.”

Now, the Jonas Brothers are in the fold with “JONAS,” a sitcom that’s fairly complex, despite the fact that it’s about three brothers who sing.

Like the Hudson Brothers’ Saturday morning show and “The Monkees,” it suggests life is all fun and games for a group of budding music stars.

But it also has a nice subplot that shows just how trying a life in the spotlight can be. “JONAS” takes place at home and school. But it also shows how the three — Nick, Joe and Kevin — have to race from fans who like nothing more than to scream.

It lets Joe shine, too, as the trio’s best actor. He’s very funny (in a self-deprecating way) and capable of poking fun at stuff like clothes, dance moves and hair that gets more than a good ironing.

An early episode of the Disney Channel series shows what the three did when they accidentally ruined family videos. Because mom liked them so much, they decide to recreate them (as teenagers playing infants). The stuff is very funny; the commentary? Even more so.

While Nick seems stiff (isn’t he the brooding one?), Joe and Kevin are just right. If this music thing does work out, they could have pretty good careers as actors.

This week, “JONAS Rocks the House” hits DVD shelves. It features five episodes, a behind-the-scenes Jo Bro “surprise” and two episodes new on DVD. That’s plenty to get a taste of the series — and enough to get you hooked.

Source: Sioux City Journal


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