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Kevin Jonas Pre-Nup With Danielle?

Kevin Jonas: Pre-Nup with Danielle Deleasa?

The best men have been picked, the bachelor party is being planned and Kevin Jonas is seeking a pre-nuptial agreement?

According to In Touch Weekly, a source shared that the 21-year-old musician is looking into a pre-nup with fiance Danielle Deleasa, just in case things don’t work out.

The source revealed, “Kevin sees Danielle as his soulmate, and he’s very Christian, so he’s not big on divorce. Nonetheless, he has millions to protect, so he’s asked Danielle to sign a prenup.”

Source: JustJaredJr.

Hey guys, Jasmine here. Just in case you’re wondering what a pre-nup is, it’s basically a sheet of paper or legal document which married couples can CHOOSE to sign. When a pre-nup is signed, let’s say, if Kevin ever gets divorced with Danielle after marriage, Danielle will NOT be taking any SHARES of Kevin’s property. If a pre-nup is not signed instead, Danielle WILL have the right to claim his property, which will probably be a lot of $$$.

BUT. There is no reason to freak out over this news. Most celebs who get married usually sign this. AND this does not mean Kevin doesn’t trust Danielle any less, I’m pretty sure they’re both VERY MUCH IN LOVE with each other. This just a safety precaution they are taking IN CASE anything happens. Because let’s not forget that Kevin’s property is the ENTIRE JONAS FAMILY’S property. They can’t risk it all.

Nevertheless, we wish the best for the engaged couple! I can’t wait for the marriage! 🙂

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