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The Veronicas Talks About Joe Jonas

It might be hard to believe, but apparently Jonas Brothers star Joe is the person to go to if you want the latest info on which bands are “cool”.

According to The Veronicas – who are good pals with the Jonas Brothers since touring with the trio, Joe’s taste in music is actually far from the usual Disney scene, and the Aussie twins admit that fans of the group would be shocked to see the stars playlist.

“Something people might not realize about Joe is that he has a mad playlist of great indie artists!” Lisa revealed to Mizz. “He loves to discover new music and always puts us on to some cool new bands.”

“I think people have this preconceived perception that they only listen to other Disney artists.”

The girls obviously have a soft spot for Joe, as when asked who the cutest member of the Jonas Brothers was, once again his name cropped up.

“They are really cool guys – and all very cute in their own ways. We’re mostly friends with Joe, so we’re gonna say he’s the cutest.” Answers Jess.

And who is the most famous person’s number that they have on their phone…? Who do you think?

“Oh God! Haha! Umm… Zac Efron or Joe Jonas.” Lucky ladies!

Source: Angry Ape


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