Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia


The Jonas Brothers are hardly babies anymore – one’s even heading down the aisle pretty soon, so you can imagine our shock at hearing that their mum still makes them breakfast – bless!

Despite being aged 21, 20 and 17, the pop trio have confessed that their mum still likes to send her boys off for the day on a full stomach.

And while we understand that their schedule might not allow for much time in the kitchen, we do worry that Kevin’s fiancée Danielle Deleasa doesn’t know quite what’s she’s in for…

Speaking about their breakfast habits, Kevin says: “Each one of us has their own thing. I have a bagel, sometimes oatmeal. Joe has oatmeal and eggs. He’s also got that whole omelette thing going on too.”

Nick then admits: “Yeah, and mum usually cooks breakfast and gives it to us so we can eat it in the car on the way.”

Yep, these three are mommy’s boys for sure



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