Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia


Jonas Brothers revealed to Popstar! who makes them laugh, their obsession & changing set list in BRAZIL. On who makes them laugh: Kevin, ‘Joe, John Taylor.’ Nick, ‘We have a group of friends- Demi, Selena and Miley, we shot a music video. It was probably one of the funniest..’ Joe, ‘Days ever!’ Nick, ‘We all had, it was such a great thing. It was pretty hilarious! That group of people was good.’

Their obsession: Kevin, ‘Doodle jump! It’s an application you can get on your iPod touch! Flight Control too, but Doodle Jump has taken over. I’ve set the high score as of right now, it’s all of us in our band! It’s a big deal!’

On Brazil set change: Nick, ‘While were were in South America, we had a set list that was kind of set in stone, bu tone night that fans, it was in Rio, they kept chanting, ‘Please Be Mine!’ They wanted us to play it really bad for some reason so we switched it up and put it in the set list. So if the fans ask for a song. I think that we’ll try to add it in there!’

What Joe does before the show: ‘I do push-ups before I go on stage, work out, get the blood flowing. We usually warm up, pray, normal things like that, nothing too crazy.’

Source: Popstar Magazine

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