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jonasvault:  (via jonasmosaic) Nick looks fussy in the kind of way that one would be when they start their period at camp, to be honest.   I’m so excited about this right now I could pee in my pants. No lie. Also, I love how Joe and Kevin did NOT straighten their hair. Bonus points.  CAMP ROCK 2! Bring it on :)

Oh Em Gee! So guess what was revealed today? 🙂

Yes, the very first preview of Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam promo poster has been revealed! What are your thoughts about it? Love it? Hate it?

My thoughts(Jasmine): Absolutely LOVE it. I dunno about you guys but  I’m liking that Joe and Kevin DID NOT straighten their hair! Also, Demi seemed to be more tanned? And Nick seems so serious compared to the previous Camp Rock!

I’m so excited right now! Summer 2010, where are you?! 🙂


Second promo picture. Can I say HAWT?! 🙂



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