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Joe’s Wardrobe Malfunction Explained

A JONAS BROTHERS concert in Connecticut almost turned X-rated for young fans after hearthrob JOE JONAS suffered a wardrobe malfunction onstage.
The 20 year old was left red-faced when a button holding his pants together popped out midway through the band’s performance at the Mohegan Sun Casino on 9 October (09).
Things went from bad to worse when his fly unravelled, forcing him to hold his trousers up with one hand and croon into his mic with the other.
A stagehand eventually spared his blushes by handing him a clip to keep his costume intact.
A source tells Star magazine, “He scurried over to the side of the stage and someone handed him a paperclip. He looped in through the buttonhole and stitched up the fly onstage while (bandmates and brothers) Nick and Kevin distracted the crowd.”

Source: Contact Music


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