Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia

MTV Buzzworthy loves Joe’s New Hair Cut

Yes! We’ve had over half a year to get used to Joe Jonas’ shaggy/curly Adrien Grenier haircut (and a little less time to let those reeedonkulous-flavored photos of Joe Jonas in In Style magazine sink in.) But it looks like Joe Jonas got sick of his curly hair (dude, I so hear that) and went nice, short, and clean-cut as the Jonas Brothers spent time in the Dominican Republic on the next leg of their world tour.

My take: this is totally the absolute hottest dude haircut ever — case in point: James Franco, Robert Pattinson, and, um Nick Jonas! It’s pretty much a scientific fact that it’s nearly impossible for a dude to have this haircut AND NOT be smoking. It’s a win/win situation. Somehow, Joe Jonas just managed to make himself EVER hotter. I know. Hard to believe. What do you think of Joe Jonas’ new hair?



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