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Chelsea Staub Talks Nicks Solo Album

The November 4 episode of The Bonnie Hunt Show was all-kids, with Disney Channel stars Chelsea Staub, Moises Arias, Sterling Knight, and Mitchel Musso, among others. And who better to give insight into the rumors of the Jonas Brothers possibly breaking up than a fellow Disney friend? Chelsea said, “We’re growing up and I think Nick wants to try something new and try something on his own and become a little more independent.” That doesn’t sound too bad, actually. A solo album from Nick could be pretty awesome.

Chelsea continued saying,“ I know he has Kevin and Joe’s full support and don’t worry, the JoBros as a unit aren’t going anywhere. We still get many more concerts and albums from them.” It’s obvious the brothers love working together, and anything they do separately will make them better as a whole. So don’t panic!

As for Mitchel, he performed his first single, “Shout It!” on the talk show, and those lucky audience members received a copy of his self-titled debut album.



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