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More JONAS Season 2 News!

The Disney Channel has picked up a second season of “JONAS,” the series starring the Jonas Brothers.

However, the show will undergo a conceptual overhaul for the second go-round. The brothers will be back, the setting will be different, and so will the executive producers of the show.

“These are smart people, also smart performers,” says Gary Marsh, president of entertainment for Disney Channels Worldwide. “They know if you build an audience base, they will travel through life with you. They couldn’t be more on board.”

The first season had the brothers playing the Lucas boys of New Jersey, in a band called Jonas and going through familiar teen issues. For the following season, which begins production in February, the show will be set in California. Joe Jonas will be pursuing acting, Kevin seeking to direct movies and Nick working in music.

“We ended up with a slightly stage-bound concept in season one,” Marsh says. “We thought, just as an idea, of changing the environment. What if we sent these boys to a different environment for the summer of their lives?”

Lester Lewis, who was a writer/supervising producer on “The Office,” and Paul Hoen, a director of nine Disney movies, including the upcoming “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam,” will executive-produce the second season.

The first season of “JONAS” launched earlier this year on a Saturday right after the Jonas Brothers theatrical movie hit theaters, and averaged 4 million viewers. However, the figure was below expectations considering the brothers were red-hot at the time.

Disney then moved the show to Sundays, where it is tops with kid viewers.

“Part of what we were trying to do is build out another night. We went up against a very successful Nickelodeon lineup,” Marsh says, adding the switch afterward to Sunday was normal.

“It achieved my expectations,” he added. “I say to my producers, not a dime of our revenue is built on advertising. My goal is to start with making a great show. If you make a great show, my team will find a way to launch it.”

As part of the new deal, the network will also present another season of “Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream,” a short-form reality show following them on tour.

When asked to come back, Marsh said, the brothers were “incredibly excited” and had no sense of wanting to leave “the mothership.”

The network has ordered 13 new episodes of “JONAS,” which will tentatively launch next spring.


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