Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia

Jonas Brothers : Rhine River Boat Ride

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Jonas Brothers pose with a fan before hopping onto a boat for a ride across the Rhine river in Cologne, Germany on Sunday afternoon (November 15).

One fan writes to us about her recent JoBros concert in Antwerp, saying, “When JB came on it was AMAZING everybody was screaming the whole concert there was not one second that we were quiet. Joe was exited too he wore a sailor head and a cowboy hat, he also picked up a pillow in the shape of a heart and he was running around the stage with the pillow on his face. He also put a Nick mask on and stood next to nick while singing.

“Joe also said we had the best waffles and that they wrote a song about it they started to sing I gotta go find you but instead of ‘I need to find you,’ he said ‘I need a waffle.’ During ‘Video Girl’ he took someone’s camera. Kevin was running around the stage with his guitar pretty hyper too he rocked at one point a group girls yelled ‘WE love you Kevin‘ but I don’t think people heard it. It was an amazing show I will never forget it.”

Source: Just Jared Jr.


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