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Nick Jonas Reveals His Favorite Tracks On Administration Album

Nick Jonas poured his heart and soul into the album Who I Am, with his side project the Administration. With the album set for release February 2, the Jonas Brother said a few of the tracks on it are truly standouts.

“Going back to that point, it’s hard to play it song by song, and I have to play the [whole] record, ’cause that’s how we made it,” he told MTV News about the album, which he recorded in eight days in a Nashville studio.

Although he’s only released his first single, the title track, as well as an acoustic version of “Rose Garden,” he thinks there are a bunch of songs on the album that will become his fans’ favorites.

“Track by track, some of my favorites are ‘Last Time Around.’ It’s kind of the most Stevie Wonder-inspired one,” he explained. “And ‘Rose Garden’ is the first song on the record … so it kind of set the template.”

He has a soft spot for all the songs on the album, but admits one might be a little more emotional than the rest. “There is a song called ‘In the End’ … which is the most Bill Withers-inspired song on the record,” he said. “It’s actually about someone taking things that don’t belong to them and how it will come back to haunt them.”

In addition to Stevie Wonder and Bill Withers, Nick said he looked to Prince, John Mayer and Elvis Costello for some artistic direction on the album. “The artists that I was kind of going for was people like Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers and, as far as lyrics, Elvis Costello, Johnny Cash. … [I] really try to pour some heart and soul through these songs,” he said. “And Prince played a big role, obviously, with the band being the New Power Generation. So it was fun.”



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