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Nick Jonas Wanted A ‘More Intimate Experience’ On Solo LP

Nick Jonas isn’t leaving his brothers behind permanently now that he’s got a side project, Nick Jonas and the Administration, but he does say that on the album, Who I Am, he tried out new sounds he couldn’t necessarily get away with in his main band. He told MTV News that these songs show a side of him that fans aren’t used to seeing from the music he’s recorded in the past.

“I don’t know if it’s something I can get out of it,” he said. “But I think it’s just about me expressing myself through different sounds. With the Jonas Brothers we tend to go a little bigger and really are into production, which is something Kevin is passionate about — making the show an experience — but with this I wanted to capture a bit more intimate experience and make it all about the music.”

The stage show with his new bandmates — including several members of Prince’s New Power Generation, as well as JoBros producer John Fields — will focus on that intimacy. “And that connection with the fans onstage and playing with these guys, it’s a musical experience for us onstage,” he said. “And hopefully it’ll be the same for the audience.”

Going at it without his brothers by his side does mean that Nick is a bit “vulnerable,” but he’s ready to share with his fans the “really stripped-down” album. He added, “Although it’s louder at times, it’s a bit out there. And it’s an emotional experience. It’s some of the most challenging vocally, so I’m going to have to be wise with how I spend my free time.”



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