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Kevin is Enjoying Wedding Planning

With Nick busy promoting his first solo album, Who I Am, the remaining Jonas Brothers, Joe and Kevin, have a little more time on their hands to pursue their other interests. For the next couple months, while Nick is on the road, Kevin will be busy planning his wedding to fiancée Danielle Deleasa and Joe, well, he’s got his sights set on Hollywood.

“I think, going back to the time when I recorded [the Administration album], we all did things in our hearts — and in this period too, now when I’m doing this, we all get do things that are in our hearts,” Nick told MTV News. “And so Kevin has got some exciting things coming up and Joe will probably do some more acting, something that he’s really passionate about and I think he could really move forward in.”

Nick elaborated a bit more on Kevin’s highly anticipated wedding and told us a bit about his best-man duties. “It’s an exciting time for him. He’s engaged now and they’re working on planning everything,” Nick explained. “Well, Joe and I are the best men and so, yes, we definitely have to help. [Kevin] really enjoys the planning. He’s enjoying it and I’m happy for him.”

Once the guys wrap up their individual pursuits, including Nick’s January tour with the Administration, they’ll be back to work on their TV show, “JONAS,” but aren’t planning on releasing a new JoBros record anytime soon. However, there’s been talk of hitting the road sometime next summer.

“Well, we have four records released in about three-and-a-half years, so after that and this new one … let’s take it back a little bit,” he said. “But as far as a new Jonas Brothers album, I think we’re going to wait a little while — we want to take our time with this one.”

Source: MTV.Com


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