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Joe Jonas Wants To Pursue an Acting Career

Joe Jonas isn’t a novice to the world of acting. Sure, he’s better known for making music in the Jonas Brothers, but the siblings have a TV show, JONAS, and they’ve starred in the highly successful “Camp Rock.” Plus, Joe almost starred in the Taylor Swift rom-com “Valentine’s Day.”

With “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” set for release next year — and with some time on his hands while Nick tours with his other band, The Administration, and Kevin settles into married life — Joe says he’d really like to pursue acting.

“We have different dreams. Mine is acting. I love it,” the 20-year-old told Tiger Beat. “So far it’s been really great. It’s nice to have a break. Touring can be busy and strenuous on your vocal cords.”

Joe recalled being in a school play as a child and his early start in showbiz. Believe it or not, Joe — who earlier this year parodied Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies,” unitard, heels and all — was once very shy.

“When I was in first grade I did a play about being a crayon. I was yellow. It was pretty amazing. … I was in an off-Broadway musical,” Joe added. “The director was hard on me. It was tough but a great learning process. He pushed me to get out of my shell. You have to take the advice. Be confident and have fun!”

In February, Joe spoke to MTV News about shooting JONAS. “There’s not so much pressure with the whole memorizing scripts right away, ’cause it’s a single-camera show,” he said. “If there’s a live audience there, there’s a little more pressure to have your lines down, ’cause it’s a little different, and it’s filmed as if you filmed a Broadway show almost. [With our show,] if you mess up, you can go, ‘OK, let’s do it again.’ You can have, like, 72 takes, and you’re good.”

Source MTV.Com


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