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NJ&TA: 10 Hottest New Music Acts in 2009

This year, many new faces are trying their luck in the game and competing with their seniors. Coming from places all over the U.S. and across the pond, some of them have to swallow bitterly as they failed to get their break, but several others succeeded in cracking Billboard charts and becoming one of those sought-after music talents.

Those newbies who have debuted either their single or album from January to December have been selected by AceShowbiz for its 10 Hottest New Music Acts list. Chosen based on their impressive achievements throughout the year 2009, they are expected to continue shining next year.

Nick Jonas and The Administration is Nick Jonas’ side project outside the Jonas Brothers. The band are comprised of acclaimed music producer John Fields on bass, drummer Michael Bland who once played for Prince, the current member of Prince’s backing band New Power Generation Tommy Barbarella, and guitarist David Ryan Harris.

They made their first debut at the 2010 Grammy Nominations Concert on December 2, performing their first single “Who I Am”. With those experienced musicians in the line-up, it will not be a surprise if they could crack the chart when their debut album “Who I Am” which is going to arrive across United States on February 2, 2010.



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