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RECAP: NJ&TA Dallas Concert – 2nd Jan 2010

Official Twitter Feed:
nickjonas Going to bed. Had an amazing day. Its game-day tomorrow. I can’t wait.
nickjonas Its game-day. I am ready to go.
JohnLloydTaylor @nickjonas headed your way, pumped for the show!
nickjonas Thank you for this… #goodlucknickj you are truly the best fans in the world.
Rob_Hoffman game day.
nickjonas Almost game time. @thehorns Currently getting HYPED!
dianebirch Watching all the purty girlies rushing in to HOB for a good seat! Haha amazing:)
dianebirch Ahhh yeeeaaah! RT @nickjonas: Almost game time. @thehorns Currently getting HYPED!
JohnLloydTaylor Almost show time for @nickjonas
Jonasbrothers Goodluck nick J !! So pumped and proud of you!!! -kevin and Joe
ItsChelseaStaub Good luck tonight, Nick! We’re so proud!
ang_miller So proud of NJ!
RiskyBusinessMB @nickjonas have an amazing show!
mvanduyne Good luck @nickjonas love you!!
ddlovato So bummed I couldn’t make it to nick’s show tonight.. :( @nickjonas is killing it I’m sure!!
nickjonas Just got off stage! What a night! Thank you so much!

– Nick & his dad walked outside and waved to some fans, then went back in.
– Garbo, JT, Rob Hoffman, Jack, Ashlee Nino, Kevin&Danielle Jonas, Chelsea Staub, Maya, Joe, Uncle Josh & Angela, Selena, Alyson Stoner are all there for Nick tonight.
– They started to let people in at 8pm local time.
– Looks like Joe arrived driving a car full of guys wearing cowboy hats.
– 9pm EST. Opening act Diane Birch is on!! It looks like there’s gonna be another opening act, stay tunned.
– 9.30pm EST. Diane Birch is off. Waiting for Nick Jonas & The Administration!
– They were playing ‘Sweet Caroline’ before NJ&TA came onstage. Everyone was singing!
– 10.25 pm EST. NJ&TA takes the stage!
– Nick’s shirt says ‘twilight’.
– ‘Time to get funky again’ & ‘Let’s see all these beautiful people’ (Nick Jonas dixit).
– ‘New year, new beginnings. 2010: the year of no fear’.
– ‘Live your life knowing that your potential is more than you can comprehend for yourself’.
– ‘I’ve learnt that Jonas fans are a force to be reckoned with’.
– He didn’t know the words to Fireflies so they switched over to Use Somebody.
– Nick has his purity ring around his neck. Don’t freak out people.
– He just told a ‘knock knock’ joke. He said people think Joe’s the funny one, when it’s actually him. He was serious about it.
– Nick: ‘knock knock’. Crowd: ‘who’s there?’. Nick: ‘I don’t know’.
– Frankie knows all the words to NJ&TA’s songs.
– Nick is glad there are so many cameras at the HOB, because he’s gonna get to watch the show on YouTube later tonight.
– 11.40 pm EST. Concert is over now. Wow.

Setlist(Video Links are highlighted) :
Rose Garden
State of Emergency
Olive and an Arrow
Last time around
In the end (writen with Garbo!)
Inseparable – Jonas Brothers cover
Celebrate (’I just want to celebrate another day of living’ -Nick)
A lot of love to spill (writen in Canada and not included in the album)
Black Keys / ALBL
Step ladder (he’s on the piano)
Fireflies – Owl city cover
Use Somebody – KOL cover
Signed Sealed Delivered (I’m yours) – Stevie Wonder cover
Conspiracy Theory
Tonight – Jonas Brothers cover
Who I am


– Olive and Arrow Lyrics [Tour book pic]
– Another tour book pic
– Yet another tour book pic [Nick in glasses!]
– Merch
– The stage!!
– View from the balcony. It looks awesome!
– Nick’s guitar pick
– Joe & Chelsea!

Credit: JonasHQ & Twitter


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