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RECAP: NJ&TA Dallas Concert – 3rd Jan 2010

Official Twitter Feed:
YungRyFunk @nickjonas wish I could’ve seen the show last night. I’m sure it was awesome! Anyone in the twittersphere check out Nick’s show last night?
Rob_Hoffman @YungRyFunk i did. and it was awesome. you should have been there. i’m shaking my head at you right now. just shaking my head.
Jonasbrothers “Please Forgive Me” by Bryan Adams. Sweet jam.
JackLawless @YungRyFunk I was there. Nick was awesome and the band ruled.
nickjonas First review this is truly amazing thank you so much-
dianebirch Getting ready to soundcheck at HOB in dallas
dianebirch Reading all the super sweet tweets from all u jonas fans! Thx for the love it really means a lot!
dianebirch aww girl! so sweet! RT @rachel_young15 @dianebirch I’ve been waiting outside since 3:45! it’s so cold, but I’m still really excited!
ang_miller Night #2 of @nickjonas concert. I’m sure it will only get better
ang_miller Chillin with @chelseastaub. Blondes tend to have a lot in common ya know.
ItsChelseaStaub Amen @ang_miller! RT: Chillin with @chelseastaub. Blondes tend to have a lot in common ya know.


– John Taylor, Chelsea Staub, Uncle Josh & Angela, Joe, Maya, Kevin & Dani are there. Selena Gomez was there for soundcheck.
– Rumor has it, there’s a different setlist tonight.
– 8pm EST. Opening act is on.
– 8.30pm EST. Diane Birch just got off stage. Now waiting for NJ&TA.
– 9pm EST. NJ&TA onstage!!
– Nick J is wearing glasses. How Elvis Costello of him.
– Changing the order of the songs.
– People say they’re gonna perform Michael Jackson’s ‘The way you make me feel’.
– He was teaching the crowd the words to his songs.
– Nick’s proving he’s the cute funny one: ‘What year do frogs like best? Leap year’. OK then.
– Oh my, he has a jokes book.
– ‘My vision’s fine’ (throws away the glasses). I can imagine people fainting after this, can you not?
– Thank you Nick Jonas for letting the audience know that the Cowboys won.
– “Not everything needs color” (Nick about ‘Black Keys’).
– “New year, new beginnings. 2010: the year of no fear” (ALBL speech).
– “I believe in you and I wanna thank you for believing in me. Please know I love you with all my heart. We’re going to do some incredible things together”. Oh Nick.
– He hasn’t packed for tour yet.
– He dedicated ‘The way you make me feel’ to Danielle Deleasa Jonas because it’s the only song he danced to at their wedding.
– 10.25pm EST. Encore.
– 10.35pm EST. Concert is now over. Nashville, TN next!

Conspiracy Theory
Olive and An arrow
While The World Is Spinning
Inseparable – Jonas Brothers cover
Fireflies – Owl City cover
Use Somebody – KOL cover
Before the Storm (Solo version)
State of Emergency
Black Keys / ALBL
Vesper’s Goodbye
The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson cover
Rose Garden
Last Time Around
Tonight – Jonas Brothers cover
Who I Am

Nick wearing glasses during the show.
Diane Birch’s view from backstage.
Joe, Kevin & Frankie at the concert.

Source: JonasHQ


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