Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia

Tweeter Vote Wall Contest: Top Jonas Brothers Nation!

My dear MJBFers, Twitter made a poll, Tweeter Vote Wall Contest: Top Jonas Brothers Nation

The Jonas Brothers are an American pop rock band. They gained popularity from the Disney Channel children’s television network. In the summer of 2008, they starred in the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock. The band has released four albums: It’s About Time, Jonas Brothers, A Little Bit Longer, and Lines, Vines and Trying Times. In 2008, the group was nominated for the Best New Artist award at the 51st Grammy Awards and won the award for Breakthrough Artist at the American Music Awards. As of May, 2009, before the release of Lines, Vines and Trying Times, they have sold over eight million albums worldwide. Who loves the Jonas Brothers the most this month? You decide…

Vote every 20 minutes. The winner & top 25 will be immortalized on the Vote Wall of Fame. All contestants will be listed forever as honorable mentions. Click “Vote Wall Contests” for more contests. Click “Refresh Page” to update the page. The entire page is also refreshed when you vote.

The poll ends on 31st January, 2010. Right now we’re on #76. Come one people I know we can do better than that! Lets aim for our country on the first page, better yet #1! Vote here.


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