Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia

10,000 HITS ON MJBF!

I remember how I started this site. I made a list of “What I want to do before I’m 16”. There were several tasks I jotted down on the list and “Make a Malaysian Jonas Brothers site” was one of them. I knew when I made this site; there would be a lot of responsibilities I needed to carry from the day I started this site; 25th April 2009. But I’ve never thought that MJBF would reach 10,000 visitors before its first anniversary, even almost reaching a hundred visitors a day now! I’m glad I found Jasmine and Alya to share this site with and celebrate it together with all of you! I want to say thank you very much for visiting our site so often and I would love to be friends with all the Jonas heads in Malaysia or all over the world (follow twitter: @sarahgalaksi). I hope there will be a brighter future for MJBF and us, the MJBFers. We will try to make more activities and events for 2010. You know what Nick J said, ‘2010: New year, new beginnings, the year of no fear.’ We will try as hard as we can. Thank you very much, terima kasih! 😀

With love, Sarah.


P/S: Jasmine here! I made the graphic post today using the Jonai wearing glasses. Well, I did it on purpose cause’ I know Sarah loves Kevin in glasses 🙂 And I nearly died when I saw Nick wearing glasses. And Joe looks adorable in glasses. Teehee.


One response

  1. Congrats gurls!~ =]

    January 8, 2010 at 12:01 am

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