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Live Daily Interview: Nick Jonas

Recording with members of Prince’s New Power Generation proved to be educational for 17-year-old singer/songwriter Nick Jonas [ tickets ] of the Jonas Brothers. Not only did they school him in music, but they also helped him learn who he is. Hence the name of Nick Jonas and The Administration’s debut album, “Who I Am,” due in stores Feb. 2.

“I think it says a lot about the album and this process,” Jonas said during an interview with LiveDaily. “I’ve learned who I am and I am really staying true to that. I was just trying to make something I was proud of–same with the tour, too. I’m playing a show every night that I’m proud of and I hope that the fans like it.”

Jonas is on tour with his band, which includes three members of NPG–drummer Michael Bland, keyboardist Tommy Barbarella and guitarist Sonny Thompson. The jaunt runs through Jan. 30. (See the itinerary below for details.)

Earlier this week, the quiet and polite Jonas spoke to LiveDaily about the tour, how the timing came together for The Administration and his plans for 2010.

LiveDaily: How did your first couple shows go?

Nick Jonas: The first shows were fun, thank you. We did two shows now, so we had the second one last night. It was a lot of fun.

Was it different to play with someone other than your brothers?

Much different. So far, this whole experience has been a lot different. I’m enjoying it. It’s a fun ride and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes me.

How is it different than playing with your brothers?

The main difference is that they’re not on stage, and other than that it’s just different songs and kind of a different vibe that we’re going for on this tour, which is a real music experience. It’s a lot of fun. The crowds have responded really positively to the songs, which is a great thing.

Why was now the right time for the Administration?

I think it just kind of worked out. It was incredible how it happened. In April, we recorded the record. Until now, we had this period of time that was open in January before we go into production for the TV show [Disney’s “JONAS”]. It just felt like the right moment.

So you’re on a break from “JONAS”?

We wrapped up our world tour back in December, the brothers and I, and this window fell into place before we go back into production of the TV show in February.

Do you plan any other tour dates with The Administration?

I hope so. I think that while we’re doing the TV show, I might do some one-off dates and promote the record and do what I can to get people to hear it.

Between your TV show and world tour, how did you find time to record “Who I Am”?

I think it goes back to timing and the way that it just ended up working out perfectly. When I started to write these songs that were definitely different than the Jonas Brothers’ sound, it just felt right. It’s been a great process so far.

How is it to perform with members of the New Power Generation?

It’s been a lot of fun learning from them and being able to play with them. I’ve heard some great stories. It’s been great to play with some veterans who have been doing this for a real long time and know what they’re doing.

Are you a big Prince fan?

I am. He’s definitely an inspiration of mine. Playing with them is amazing, knowing that they’ve played with him and that share the stage with them. It’s great.

Who are some of your other influences?

On this record in particular, I think Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello. Bill Withers was a big one. A lot of different influences came together to make this sound.

It must have been fun to do something a little different than what you’re known for doing.

It was. It was much different, too. Going into the studio, there’s no real template as [far as] the way it was supposed to sound. No real format. It was just kind of an open book. Leaving something I was proud of was definitely … I was so excited to play [it] for my friends and family and have their support. It’s amazing now.

Are you playing any Jonas Brothers songs on the Administration tour?

I have. I’ve done a couple Jonas songs, songs that I’ve written on my own and things that I have a special connection with. They’re a little more familiar to the fans. Like, they sing along. It’s a great time.

What else do you have planned for 2010?

After the tour’s done, the record will release Feb. 2 and then we go back into production of the TV show, my brothers and I, in February, We do that up into the summertime. Then “Camp Rock 2” comes out and then we will be planning another [Jonas Brothers] world tour. There’s a lot of stuff coming together individually and together as well.

SOURCE: Live Daily


2 responses

  1. shiNee MNho

    isit really from nick jonas?????? ASKED HIM ABOUT SELENA GOMEZ AND MILEY CYRUS….


    June 6, 2010 at 3:23 pm

  2. shiNee MNho

    isit really from nick jonas?????? ASKED HIM ABOUT SELENA GOMEZ AND MILEY CYRUS….

    June 6, 2010 at 3:25 pm

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