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Nick Jonas Mulls Baseball As Alternative Career

Nick Jonas Mulls Baseball As Alternative Career Thanks To Fan Question On Twitter
Posted 51 minutes ago by Jocelyn Vena in Music

While his brothers don’t mind getting into a scrap or two, Nick Jonas isn’t sure he’d ever mull a career in the world of mixed martial arts. So, when @makenziehouse tweeted to MTV News that she’d love to find out that Nick’s alternate dream job would be working in the world of UFC, it was Nick who picked a more appropriate career to fall back on.

Baseball! He and his brothers do partake in amateur softball, so this does make a ton of sense. “I wouldn’t have chosen that,” he told MTV News about the following tweet: “Ask @nickjonas if he had to pick any other job what would he choose. I hope he says UFC fighter.” “But I think that could have any other profession it would be a professional baseball player. It’s a big dream but it would be a lot of fun,” he added.

He’s even got most of the logistics worked out. The team he’d play on? “The Yankess, of course. Absolutely the Yankees.” And what position? “Shortstop, if I could. I don’t know if I could do it but if I could I would be a shortstop.”

So when Derek Jeter retires, does Nick think it could happen for him? “Hopefully. We’ll see what happens.” So to New York Yankees management: Start your bidding on Jeter’s replacement now!

SOURCE: MTV Newsroom


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