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Nick Loves Having A Sister In Law

Last month the Jonas clan added a new lady to the family when older brother Kevin married his longtime love Danielle Deleasa at the Oheka Castle in New York’s Long Island. Nick said that with four boys in the bunch he was bracing himself for a female to come along sooner or later.

“I think I knew eventually it would happen,” he joked when he checked in with MTV News at the Beacon Theater while on tour with the Administration on Friday. “There’s three of us — well there’s four including Frankie — I knew it would happen eventually. And so it’s good to know it all came together.”

Deleasa was actually in the crowd at the show, where both Kevin and Joe surprised their little brother onstage, and he thinks it’s great that his sister-in-law is coming out to the shows to support her new little brother. “It’s amazing,” he said. “She’s here … with her whole family and they’re great. I’m so happy to have her [be] a part of our family. It’s kind of hard to believe I’ve got a sister-in-law and it’s wonderful.”

Since all the boys in the Jonas clan have special nicknames (Kevin is “K2,” Joe is “Danger,” Nick is “Mr. President” and Frankie is “Bonus Jonas”), have they thought up a special moniker for the new lady Jonas? “We just call her Dani,” he revealed, adding they haven’t thought up a nickname for her just yet. “No, she’s just Dani.”



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