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Nick Jonas and The Administration Review

“New year, new beginnings,” Nick Jonas proudly announced Saturday to his adoring fans.

This statement proved to be very true for the 17-year-old musician. As the youngest member of the hugely popular music group, the Jonas Brothers, Nick decided to take a little time off from his older siblings and try something new: a solo project.

(Have no fear, fellow Jonas fans. The band is not breaking up and they’re even set to go on tour this summer.)

Nick Jonas and The Administration performed the first of two sold-out shows Saturday at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, one of the few stops on a short tour.

Of course, the majority of attendees were the usual screaming teenage girls – myself and my three friends included. Yet, the audience was not used to the kind of music played over the course of the night.

The concert opened with Diane Birch, a soul-filled singer/pianist with a vintage sound. Her last and best song of the set was the fun and bouncy clap-along, “Valentino,” a song that got the audience off its feet and ready to welcome Nick and The Administration onto the stage in a just a few minutes.

When Nick and his band did arrive on stage, the crowd erupted in ear-piercing shrieks (even though we missed seeing his entrance because some obnoxious girls decided to stand on the seats and ruin everyone’s view). And right from the opening number, “Rose Garden,” you could tell this was a different Nick.

The songs from the band’s upcoming album have a much more mature sound than anything Nick has done before. From the heartfelt “Olive and the Arrow” to the almost existential “Who I Am,” Nick showed there’s much more to him than meets the eye.

My favorite of the night had to be the heart-wrenching “Stay,” a song he wrote just a couple days before in Washington, D.C. Not only did Nick show off some insane vocals, he seemed to be deeply connected to the song as he poured his heart and soul into every word.

But that’s not to say he wasn’t joking around.

In between almost every song, Nick – who’s known as the “serious one” in the Jonas Brothers – had the chance to banter and connect with his audience on a personal level.

He even talked about aliens and told a story about a time when he saw UFOs.

“That’s why I don’t talk at shows with my brothers,” he explained to the audience. “I get off-rack.”

And even though he was practically mobbed onstage by fans, Nick simply laughed it off.

So you might be thinking that I’m biased because I’m a huge fan of Nick and his brothers. That may be true, but trust me when I say this music is completely different from the Jonas Brothers’ music.

I highly recommend checking out the album “Who I Am” when it comes out on Feb. 2.

You will not be disappointed.



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