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Nick Steps Out On His Own

After inspiring many a squeal from audiences as a member of the dreamboat trio the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas is stepping out on his own.

But fear not Jonas lovers, he’s not stepping far. When 17-year-old Nick hit the stage earlier this month for his first concert with his new outfit, Nick Jonas & the Administration, brothers Kevin and Joe were on hand to watch and root him on.

Nick stresses his side project is just that, a side project, and he returns to regular JoBros duty next month when filming begins on the second season of their Disney Channel TV show, “JONAS.” Another world tour with his brothers also is in the works.

However, his focus is currently on the Administration, which performs Saturday at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, smack dab in the middle of the band’s maiden 22-outing voyage. His album “Who I Am” is due Feb. 2.
“It’s something that’s been in my heart for awhile,” says Nick, on the phone last week from Washington, D.C. “I think this does show people who I am as a songwriter and an artist.”

Nick was originally signed to a solo deal before forming a group with his brothers, so “Who I Am” represents him coming full circle as an artist. After wrapping the first season of “JONAS” last April, he headed to a studio in Nashville and cut the album in eight days.

He began writing songs for the album in November 2008, and entered the studio with eight songs ready to go. Two more were written in the studio, and all centered on an unlikely theme: the U.S. presidency.
“Some people say, ‘I didn’t know you were fascinated with politics,’ and I’m actually not, it’s just more a fascination with his role, and all that goes into a day in the life of the president,” he says.

Songs are laced with double meanings and wordplay that relate to the presidency, but the songs aren’t political in nature.

His interest in the highest office in the land also played a role in his band’s name — the Administration — and he used the construction of Elvis Costello and the Attractions to come up with the moniker Nick Jonas & the Administration.

The band made its live debut at last month’s live Grammy nominations special, and hit the road Jan. 2. Shows have been going 90 minutes, with a few tweaked JoBros songs and several covers — including Rare Earth’s “I Just Want to Celebrate” and Michael Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” — rounding out the set.

“The whole vibe of the show is loose,” says Nick, who says he calmed (or perhaps increased) his first-night jitters by downing several cups of black coffee before the show. “We’re up there on stage just trying to have a good time, bringing a real rock show to our fans.”

His band includes several ex-members of Prince’s New Power Generation, so there’s no questioning the Administration’s authenticity. And Nick says he’s not worried about how the album performs.
“It’s just me being able to release this record I’m really proud of, and show people this music that’s in my heart,” he says. “And hopefully they respond well.”

Source: Detroit News


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