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Nick Jonas Fan Friendly In Detroit & Chicago

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Nick Jonas surrounds himself with his best fans outside his hotel in Chicago earlier this week.

JJJ reader and fan Jacklyn writes to us about her run in with Nick and Selena Gomez not once, but TWO times! She shared, “This is for all the girls not lucky enough to go to a show I went to NJ&TA’s Detroit show. I was chilling outside to meet friends and girls were attacking the fence. I was in first row and it was amazing!! I got attacked by girls in the front row where I was at for Nicks pick. I got stepped on and my earring ripped out.”

She continued, “I met Nick at the m&g [meet and greet] and it was amazing mostly. My friend Casey also sang ‘Who I Am’ for Nick who snapped along and I talked to him. He seemed grateful for the fans like always. He was really kind, best concert ever.”

Source: Just Jared Jr.


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