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Jonas Brothers Release “I Heart Jonas” DVD For Valentine’s Day

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Disney is giving fans of the Jonas Brothers a big valentine: their latest DVD. “I Heart Jonas,” the second DVD volume of episodes from the hit Disney Channel show “JONAS,” is in stores now. Meant for fans and to be given as a Valentine’s gift, the packaging even features a “To” and “From” label on the front.

The DVD include 7 episodes of “JONAS,” including the most romantic and relationship-centered episodes of the show. The episodes “Fashion Victim,” “Love Sick,” Three Musketeers,” “Karaoke Surprise,” “Frantic Romantic,” “Forgetting Stella’s Birthday,” and “Double Date.”

Also included on the DVD is a bonus feature called “You’ve Just Been Jo Bro’d – Surprising Jordin Sparks,” where pop singer and former tour-mate Sparks is the subject of a Jonas Brothers radio show prank.

If the DVD isn’t enough, they’ve also thrown in some bonus Jonas Brothers magnets for the first run. There are three magnets included, one for each brother.



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