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Modelinia’s Videos Starring Damaris Lewis & Nick Jonas!

Hi, this is Damaris Lewis, blogging for Modelinia with Nick Jonas and the Administration! I am very excited about this project—after all, it’s not every day that someone asks you to interview Nick Jonas! I am especially excited about going to the concert, as it is my first concert ever. I’ve done a lot of things, but haven’t been to a concert. It should be loads of fun!

I have a secret confession: I love the Disney Channel, so I was well-aware of just who Nick Jonas was. I think he is an amazing artist and will have great success. He is extremely talented, hardworking, and personable. You can’t go wrong with all of those things in your court.

I’ve been in London working for the last couple of weeks, so it didn’t leave me a lot of time to prepare, but every spare moment I had, I took the time to learn more about Nick and his new band the Administration. Long flights and jet lag gave me the perfect opportunity to read up. Who would have thought that the band used to be part of Prince’s New Power Generation band? That is so cool. I love Prince. You’ve got good taste, Nick.

Like many girls my age, I sometimes spend hours choosing what I want to wear. Dressy, casual, fun, flirty, serious, etc… I brought a bit of everything. My luggage was packed with everything from Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs to French Connection and Richard Chai. I brought some hot Tory Burch heels and even Dr. Martens combat boots. Jeans from Calvin Klein and J Brand and some really cute Rachel Roy pieces. I think I brought enough clothes to cover any occasion.

I’ve been listening to the album, Who I Am, on repeat for the last few days and I’m definitely feeling it. My favorite songs so far are “Vesper’s Goodbye,” “Who I Am,” and “Tonight.” They’re touching yet relative at the same time. I hope that everyone goes out and buys it because it is money well spent. You won’t be disappointed. I’m not the type of person to get starstruck when meeting celebrities. I love meeting new people, so I just take it as an opportunity to learn something about a new friend. Celebrities are regular people who are given the chance to express themselves through their craft—in front of a few million people more than normal—but they share the same ups and downs as all of us. I do consider myself to be blessed that I can partake in this project and am excited to get to share it with others. Interviewing Nick and the band will definitely be added to my life’s list of highlights.

I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I do! Dream big and stay grounded. Until we meet again, later days my friends at Modelinia!


Get Ready for Modelinia’s Videos Starring Damaris Lewis & Nick Jonas!

SOURCE: Modelinia


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