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Joe Jonas’s New Sexy Style

Middle brother, Joe Jonas stood out from the rest of the brood at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night when he showed up in a pair of chic new glasses. The 20 year-old singer from the American trio, The Jonas Brothers, proved that he has star appeal and a trendy fashion sense with thick black-rimmed glasses and matching checkered jacket suit. Jonas was spotted having a good time alongside his brothers at the awards and kept to a low key at all times.

The reason behind the lukewarm expression is maybe due to the fact that he was heavily criticized for his lack of enthusiasm as an ‘American Idol’ guest judge just a few days ago.The handsome heartthrob did not quite deliver the thrills on the singing talent show, after he was seen unresponsive and cold-shouldered towards the other judges.

At one point, co-judge Randy Jackson turned at Jonas’s direction and said, ‘Yeah man, dude, it is getting cold in here,’ and pretended to wrap himself with a sweater. The young Jonas did not react to the remark at the time and continued with the assessment of the auditions. Jonas was fitted into the panel when Neil Patrick Harris had stepped down as one of the jury.

‘American Idol’ displays the highest viewer ratings in the US and its 30 million local audience are largely consisting young pop music fans. Jonas’s appearance in the program was expected to have a catapulting effect to its popularity but instead the young star seemed apprehensive in being himself in the show.

Source: International Business Times (Australia)


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