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Album Review: Nick Jonas and the Administration ‘Who I am’

Nick Jonas of pop sensation group Jonas Brothers went on his own and formed a side project called Nick Jonas and the Administration. It was announced October 28 that he would be working on this side project, and a mere two and a half months later the side band has released an album, Who Am I.

While the album is nothing like a Jonas fan would expect, as a grown adult it’s kind of embarrassing admitting that is album is actually decently good. It’s jazzy, blues, and pop. It’s a blend of many wonderful styles of music and he blends them together nicely.

Although the middle Jonas brother said he is not leaving Jonas Brothers, and this is merely just a side project he has some big name acts working with him. Michael Bland, Tommy Barbarella, and Sonny Thompson, all in Jonas’ band were also members of Prince’s New Power Generation band in the 90s.

Listening to this album it’s easy to forget it’s 17-year-old boy calling the shots. Besides for his nasally voice, Jonas hits some deep topics, like love, but not the kind of love one would expect to hear from a 17-year-old. Combined with the blues, and the talented instrumental it’s a mature album. It’s a good change for Jonas.

Jonas’ nasally voice isn’t the most ideal vocal for music of this sort, but more often than not he lets that sound go and an actually good voice emerges adding to the maturity of the album. It’s not amazing, fantastic, or makes one drop their jaw because it’s so good. Jonas Brother fans are better off listening to the Jonas Brothers. But, Who Am I is a good alternative for any teen looking for a slightly more mature, more talented album.

You get the nasal Jonas voice, some typical Jonas Brothers music, but in the end, it’s jazz and it’s blues. And it sounds good, and it’s different.

Especially thinking about the fact that the album was cut in only eight days, it’s really impressive. Jonas knows what he’s doing, and it’s evident in this album. He’s good at music, he has a good ear, and he’s talented at writing. These are all things needed to make a good album, and he succeeded.

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