Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia

Joe’s Tweetespree

Joe tweeted that he will play ’10 Questions’ with his fans on Twitter and these were what happened:

Let’s play 10 questions.. Go!
*favorite song? (via @sammybouchard) right now… The whole new spoon record
*whats your fav color? =) (via @sayssarah) purple!
*whats your fav juice? (via @LulyManrique) orange mango
*how much do you bench? (via @meganlinde13) 500000000
*Did you have an imaginary friend? haha (via @biiiaq) yes he’s right here
*Do you remember Nick J Show ??? (via @JonasParty)maybe we will make another soon
*do you like spain? =) (via @Laurycat) si!
*what’s your favorite superhero? =) (via @dancerksm08) spiderman
*NINJAS OR PIRATESS?! (via @iPhoebeMusic) ohh.. That’s tuff
*whats your favorite hockey team? (via @sammybouchard)new jersey devils duhh!
*what colour socks are you wearing today? (via @DenyingBeauty) black
*do you have any pets? (= (via @maisiemattison)i used to too.. =(
*DO YOU REALLY NEED HIPSTER GLASSES? (via @aemeliabedelia) watch it! And yes there prescription!
*why isn’t there rat flavored cat food? (via @JessicaJayyy) ???????
*will you be coming to Scotland =D? (via @EmmaMcWilliamsx)hopefully soon!
*do you know the muffin man? (via @HeyyDana)of course!
*WHEN IS THE NEXT WORLD TOUR?! (via @sc_fearless) this year!!!
*Favorite song on Nick’s new album? (via @Egotists) conspersey thoery
*Do you like Paramore? =) (via @sophieeee15) I really like paramore! I think they Rock
*Where are Nick and Kevin? =) (via @shauna13x)i don’t know!
*do you like cheeseburgers? (via @cameronscool) who dosent!
*do youu likee rollercoasters? (via @heathhx3biebeer)who dosent
That was funn!

The things that we learn in this

Apparently, Joe did not know how to spell. 🙂 Don’t worry Joe, we still love for the way you are.

Great news: THE WORLD TOUR IS THIS YEAR!!! Lets hope that Malaysia is on that list!

Conspiracy Theory is Joe’s favorite song off ‘Who I Am’.

And we got to see Joe in glasses because according to Joe, THERE prescription! ;P


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