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Spotted: Nick Jonas Hits The Links With Selena Gomez

If you had to guess which one of the Jonas Brothers plays golf, it would be a pretty easy assumption that it was Nick. After all, the man known amongst his siblings as “Mr. President” (hence the name of his side band the Administration) carries himself with a certain amount of executive weight. Golf is a game played by serious men looking to find a bit of zen out on the course, which is why Nick seems like the natural golfer of the trio. He hit the links in Los Angeles with fellow Disney star and musician Selena Gomez on Sunday (February 21). Jonas’ debut with the Administration Who I Am has already crossed six figures in sales, but he clearly isn’t done, as he was also spotted at a recording studio in L.A. earlier in the weekend. If you’d rather see more Gomez, look no further than the Disney Channel, as new seasons of “Wizards of Waverly Place” air every Friday night.

Source: MTV Newsroom


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