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Jonas Succeeds With Solo Album

Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers has released his first solo album entitled “Who I Am”.

After taking the music industry by storm and breaking tween hearts around the world as part of the brotherly trio, Nick has moved on to pursue a solo career with his band Nick Jonas & the Administration.

The band released its album on Feb. 2, and Nick hit the road for his first ever solo tour.

It is unclear if he will reach the fame of other boy band members turned solo artists like Justin Timberlake and Paul McCartney, but he’s putting forth a good effort.

“Who I am” is a collection of songs about girls, love and loss. Much of this album is similar to past Jonas Brothers CDs but more mature.

The album’s overall alternative feel starts out with the first song “Rose Garden” in which Nick’s raspy, high-pitched voice and the sound of the guitar lead the way to the love-filled, heartbroken lyrics.

The song is a great way to start off the album, giving listeners a new sound from a Jonas Brother other than its usual corny, tween-based lyrics.

“Olive and An Arrow” is a slow ballad focused on vocals. Its lyrics deal with infatuation with a girl that is sure to leave your heart aching.

These songs sound similar to the works of John Mayer, which is definitely a compliment for Jonas.

The fourth track on the album “Conspiracy Theory” starts out with a fast rock beat and a Michael Jackson-like squeal.

Though this song is upbeat and fun, it’s too much like the Jonas Brothers’ music that has been released in the past.

“Tonight,” a song that Jonas originally recorded with his two brothers, was re-recorded with “the Administration” to be on the new album, and it’s for the best.

Jonas did not completely leave out his young fan base, giving them a few songs on the album to sing along to such as “Conspiracy Theory” and “Stronger”.

The teen heartthrob still has a lot of growing up to do musically, but some of the songs on this album will surprise listeners with its grown-up content and catchy, alternative rock feel.

The album is too immature for some, but what do you expect from a 17-year-old?

Most will be surprised by the talent Nick has to offer and even those who weren’t fans of the former Jonas Brothers will be able to appreciate the solo effort.

Grade: B-



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