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Kevin Jonas: One of TV’s Funniest Men

* Kevin Jonas, ‘JONAS’

The Disney Channel star and eldest of the Jonas Brothers, Kevin may seem like an odd choice. But if you’ve ever watched JONAS (which you probably haven’t if you’re over the age of 14) you know he’s the uncontested comedy star. With seemingly effortless charm as the goofy, not-very-bright older brother, Kevin pontificates about lemurs and yearns for a leather pouch to hold his turkey leg. Though his cute younger brothers Joe and Nick are the favorites of the screaming tween crowd, Kevin’s comic timing and ability to convincingly play dumb earn him the title of the Show’s Shining Star. Next up for Jonas is the Disney Channel Original Movie ‘Camp Rock: The Final Jam’, a sequel to 2008’s ‘Camp Rock’, in which he plays Jason, a member of a three-brother music group. We’re seeing a trend here; but even if Jonas is just playing himself, he’s making us laugh while he’s doing it.



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