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Nick’s Simple Wins Blog – February 2010


Another busy month is coming to an end. This month I went back into production of JONAS, finished my first side project tour with Nick Jonas and the Administration and released my new album, “Who I Am”.

Thank you to all for supporting my side project, your support put my album at #3 release week! I could have never accomplished that without the support of the fans, thank you so much. I had such a great time touring with The Administration and introducing the world to my new music. This is just the beginning of much more to come.

Production began this month on the 2nd season of JONAS. The writers have come up with some really good story lines for this season, should be a fun time shooting it all. In fact we have been shooting 5 days a week so it keeps me very busy. Personally can’t wait for everyone to see it.

I hope that everyone is watching the Olympics. It is so inspiring to watch the various athletes and see how all their hard training and perseverance pays off.

My Simple Win this month: Using my new CONTOUR® USB meter during my hectic schedule. It makes it easy to keep track of all my levels by simply plugging it into my computer.

See you all soon!



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