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Jonas Brothers return with Demi Lovato in Houston

The Jonas Brothers are back together again after a few months that included a solo project for Nick, a stint as an “American Idol” guest judge for Joe, and a wedding for Kevin. Their return concert is in a state they know all too well (Texas) and with a performer with just as many ties to the Disney Channel (Demi Lovato).

Fans attending the concert at the massive Reliant Stadium and Houston can expect a variety of hits from the three brothers, including some genuine rock that has started to creep out thanks to the Brothers’ latest release (in addition to Nick’s own album).

As I reported Saturday, the Jonases will be performing another event in April for the Saddleback Church in Anaheim, California.

Do you plan on seeing the Jonas Brothers in action Sunday? It starts as 4:00 Central, which gives people plenty of time to drive back and catch the Academy Awards. Let me know your thoughts with a comment and stay tuned for more news.



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