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Kevin Talks ‘Jonas’ Season 2

Welcome to Hollywood, JoBros! When Disney Channel’s JONAS returns for Season 2 this summer, expect a change in scenery. The rocker siblings played by Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas spend an extended vacation away from New Jersey in L.A., with episodes filmed in and around the city. We checked in with the oldest Jonas sibling, Kevin, who tells TV Guide Magazine about ditching the soundstage for the outdoors.

byMegan Walsh-Boyle

Season 2 scoop, please!
It’s a much different show—it’s on location, it will be all over the place. The big idea is we’re spending the summer away in Los Angeles and exploring what this city has to offer. It’s going to be pretty cool—new characters, new storylines…so many different things are going to happen with it.

What’s it like shooting on location?
It’s so much more fun and it’s incredible to be outside and feel the warmth of the sun all day. You have this beautiful landscape around you—it’s awesome!

You filmed a music sequence involving a helicopter on the rooftop of the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel & Spa—how awesome was that?
That was incredible—out of control! We never did anything like that last season. It feels like a movie! It was very cool standing there and seeing the Hollywood sign behind us—very appropriate for what this season has to hold.

Will there be new music this season?
There will be new songs—some we wrote, others we didn’t.

What kind of storylines?
This season is a lot more grown up than it was last season. You can only fake an age for so long! [Laughs] I can tell you this much—the entire season is an arc with a beginning, middle and end, which is nice.

Is there an episode you are really looking forward to?
We just did a table read for an episode where we spend the entire day on the beach—that works for me!

And on the romantic front, what about Stella and Joe?
I won’t give it away, but something very interesting is going to happen with that whole situation. It’s pretty cool!

Any chance of a love connection between Macy and Kevin?
I’m not able to say, but she’s definitely a big part of this next season and I think fans will connect with her on a further level.

How close to reality is Kevin Lucas’s life compared to Kevin Jonas’s?
I find myself doing things that my character would definitely do, but he’s a little over the top for me sometimes.

What’s the best part of working with your brothers?
Having that connection you are able to speak without words sometimes. You know the person and what works for them and that makes a huge difference.

Any downsides?
It’s always a positive. Sometimes you need your space, but we know how to give it to each other and that’s really important. And now that I’m married and not living at home, it’s cool to come to set and see my brothers.

That’s right, congratulations are in order! [Kevin married Danielle Deleasa in December] So how is newlywed life?
It’s great—it’s a lot of fun, we’re having a blast! It’s amazing to be with your best friend every single day of your life, you know?

Any plans to get started on the next generation of Jonases?
I think we’re going to be enjoying each other’s company for a little while, but definitely, we both want kids in the future.

JONAS airs Sundays, 8:30/7:30c, Disney Channel

Source: TV Guide


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