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Nick Jonas puts out a rock album with a pop and bluesy twist


WHO I AM Nick Jonas & The Administration (Universal Music) ONE third of teen phenomenon Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas puts out a rock album with a pop and bluesy twist. Along for the ride is his band The Administration, a collection of former members of Prince’s New Power Generation, which provides adequate backing to the 10 tracks. It’s a different side to the bubbly pop of Jonas Brothers’ tunes but don’t expect it to rock hard and move you with its bluesy pretentions. It’s still the more pop-sounding tracks that deliver, like first single Who I Am, which Jonas can sink his teeth into. He seems most at home on the jazzy slow-burner In The End, which brings to mind an image of Jonas crouching over a microphone in a small club opening up his heart to a meagre crowd.

On the rock-like Conspiracy Theory, he seems to be enjoying himself even though he has to push his pop voice to more gruff territory.

He tries very hard to channel John Meyer and Bruce Springsteen through his songs but the ambitious 17-year-old isn’t really there yet. Overall it’s an average album that his horde of female fans wouldn’t mind lapping up.

Let’s see if this Jonas can come up with a more exciting album in the future to showcase who he really is.



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