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Joe Jonas & Demi Lovato are American Idols

Joe Jonas tunes into girlfriend Demi Lovato’s voice as they perform their new duet, “Make A Wave,” on the American Idol results show on Wednesday night (March 24).

The duo caught up with Radio Disney’s Ernie D before their performance and chatted about the thrill of being on the AI stage. Demi shared, “It makes me a little nervous, But for the most part, I’m excited more than anything. This is a dream come true, because Kelly Clarkson is my biggest idol, she is THE American idol of season one. I felt like Kelly Clarkson during sound check today.”

Joe chimed in, “I think we are [both] very excited and it’s something you kind of dream of. For anyone to be on American Idol it’s exciting. We are having a good time, but we decided to not work with stairs. Best we stay away from stairs because Demi admits [that] we are the two most clumsiest people.”



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