Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia

JB World Tour 2010: South East Asia

PHASE TWO: South East Asia

[11th April 2010 – 25th April 2010]

You took part in Phase One Project, now here is the Phase TWO! This is a joint project with South East Asia Jonas Brothers fansites from IndonesiaSingapore and Philippines!

Just three steps for you to join this project!

1) Make a sign as creative as you can with these words: ‘SOUTH EAST ASIA NEEDS JONAS BROTHERS!’

2) Take a picture with your sign.

3) Send it to

Something like this:

Just as simple as ABC!

Please take part in this project. We need to show those boys that there are Jonas Brothers fans at South East Asia! 😀

Tips: Make it as creative as you can. Put a Malaysian flag or take a picture at a place only Malaysia has. Make it unique, make it yours! 🙂

Please and thank you!

PS: If you have facebook, do join us at there! Click HERE to join.


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