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Joe, Nick, Demi, Meaghan and Debby Go Without Shoes

Joe and Nick Jonas go barefoot on the green during the family vacation in Mexico on Thursday (April 8) as a part of One Day Without Shoes effort.

The brothers’ pals are also taking part in the initiative. Check out the tweets:

Nick: “The bottom of my feet are completely green after golfing without shoes on, but its awesome!”

Demi Lovato: “My awesome director @ericdeanseaton is letting me go barefoot in this next scene for Sonny!!”

Meaghan Martin: “I am barefoot today but in places where its not allowed, I wear my TOMS!”

Debby Ryan: “I’ve personally been part of the Toms One for One movement for over a year…today is a chance to walk in the bare feet of the countless people, specifically children, around the world who don’t get the privilege of shoes. We take them for granted, so today, I’m living without shoes to see for myself what a blessing they are.” (via Tumblr)


Guys, we’re very sorry for late posts. We’re busy with school and life right now. So, lets continue our journey then 🙂


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