Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia


Kevin Jonas wants your kid to go on a field trip.

Yes, that Kevin Jonas — from the 8 million-album-selling, 1.2 million- Facebook-friends-having, Sasha-and-Malia-Obama-visiting Jonas Brothers.

When he’s not hobnobbing at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, prepping for his summer concert tour or plugging his upcoming ” Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” movie, he’s promoting a new Field Trips for All initiative to send 50 classrooms nationwide on free field trips to a destination of their choosing.

“I still remember my first field trip to Liberty Science Center in New Jersey,” Jonas, 22, said in a recent phone interview. “Learning outside the classroom is so beneficial.”

But in cash-strapped times, field trips are often the first thing to be slashed from a school’s budget. The American Association of School Administrators says the number of school districts eliminating field trips next year will increase by 56 percent.

So Jonas and Lunchables have teamed up for a contest that lets parents, teachers and kids nominate a 1st- through 8th-grade classroom to win a fully funded educational outing. To nominate a classroom, go to and select “Field Trips for All.” You’ll be asked the name of the deserving school and the classroom teacher, followed by where the class wants to go, why the class wants to go there and why the class should win the trip. Answers should be 150 words or fewer. Nominations are being accepted through June 1 and the field trips will take place during the 2010-2011 school year.

“My brothers and I getting to travel around the world adds so much to who we are as people,” Jonas says. “I feel like all kids deserve to get out and discover new things and see new places.”

Source: Chicago Tribune


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