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“I will find someone who loves me for who I am. And there’s nothing that I need to change about myself to find that- I can be confident in that.”

17: People say you’re a heartbreaker but you’ve written a lot of songs about getting your heart broken. How do you deal with a breakup?
NJ: I shut down completely. It almost appears, to someone who doesn’t know me very well, that I’m spaced out or in a different world. I keep it all inside until someone forces it out of me. Songwriting is my way of opening up. But I’m never one to get down about a situation for too long. Something happens, and you go through a tough time. But it’s important to get right back up and keep going.

17: Do you stay friends with your exes?
NJ: I definitely remain friends. It’s difficult, but I think you just have to try your best to be a gentleman. And obviously there is going to be a moment of frustration between both parties. But the truth of the matter is, if I’ve even thought about being in a relationship with somebody, or of I’ve found myself attracted to a person romantically, then I can’t just cut it off.

17: Do you make the first move to get back in touch, or wait for your ex to do it?
NJ: I’m definitely the person to make the first effort, but I always give it some time. I know it’s tough sometimes for people to go right back to being friends. But I think it’s important: There’s no reason to have enemies in this life – it’s too short.

Source: Seventeen Magazine


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