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Timbaland Praises Joe Jonas

Timbaland has previously collaborated with artists like Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers, but the hip-hop producer is now posting video pleas to work with teen stars. Timbaland posted a video on Sunday (Jan. 9) offering a preview of a song he wrote specifically for Demi Lovato, while a new clip released today finds the producer singing the praises of Joe Jonas.

“You are amazing, girl,” says Timbaland in the Lovato clip, while sitting at a table with a blanket draped over his body. “I’m not an easy person to please, but I’m very impressed. I hear you sing some of your songs, and I’m like, ‘Wow!’”

The producer then describes how he and a few other beatmakers checked out Demi’s web site, “hummed melodies,” and came up with a track that Timbaland proceeds to play on his iPhone. “I wrote this for you, Demi,” Timbaland says as a gentle acoustic guitar kicks in and the lilting pop track unfolds.

In the Jonas clip, which was posted on Timbaland’s Twitter feed this afternoon, the producer tells Joe Jonas that he wants to work with him again while rocking a red Elmo hoodie. “I’m with you Joe Jonas. I’m with you 100 percent.”



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