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Nick Jonas entertains suburban D.C. kids with a secret show

Nick Jonas entertains suburban D.C. kids with a secret show

Today we have a report from a secret Nick Jonas show last night in Northern Virginia from USA WEEKEND’s Kaitlin Crowe. According to Kaitlin, Jonas tweeted yesterday afternoon that he’d be playing an acoustic outside of Washington, D.C., at the small Jammin’ Java in Vienna, Va. (The thing was kept so under wraps that there was a sign outside the building that stated the line was for “The New Hilario.”) By the time he went on stage at 11 p.m. with Jonas Brothers band director and guitarist, John Taylor, the place was packed with 200-300 kids — mostly between 10 and 17 — coming from everywhere, even as far as New York and New Jersey. Kaitlin said she spoke to some girls who found out about it on their way home from school and then immediately hopped in cars with their parents.

The show was taped for the website Cambio, and Jonas performed for about an hour, including his songs with his band The Administration, Jonas Brothers’ hits like Lovebug and SOS, a medley of top-40 pop tunes including Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream and Bruno Mars’ Just the Way You Are (he didn’t know all of the words to some of the songs he played and relied on the audience to sing them), and even an original entitled London Foolishly, which was inspired by reading his Bible. (He wrote that one while on a tour with Les Miserables in England, where Jonas also learned that pineapple juice is good for one’s voice. That’s one to grow on, kids!)

Jonas will be doing some Motown tunes tonight at a White House concert in D.C. in honor of Black History Month, and he said that a night with fans who he knows loves him would help calm him down and prepare him the big show. Jonas told a bunch of stories before the show was over, too — he regaled fans with what it was like seeing President Obama’s helicopter land, and how he wrote SOS when he was 13 following a particularly bad date. “I look back now and realize, like, this song is so dramatic,” Jonas said, laughing. “I was listening to a lot of emo music then.”

Source: USA Weekend


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