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Surprise! Nick Jonas shows up at White House event

Children who were visiting the White House on Thursday got a huge surprise when Nick Jonas showed up. ??And let’s just say the kids were excited when the superstar singer entered, and later performed The Four Tops’ “Sugar Pie Honeybunch.”??It all went down at an event to celebrate Motown hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama, who brought along Motown legend Smokey Robinson, record producer Berry Gordy and Grammy winner John Legend.

“Motown is part of the dreams of kids who grew up knowing they had a song to sing,” Obama said. “There wouldn’t be an Usher without Smokey and there wouldn’t be an Alicia Keys without a Gladys Knight.”

Robinson and Gordy swapped tales about growing up amid such icons as Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross, The Four Tops and The Temptations.

After a question and answer session, Legend performed an old Stevie Wonder hit and Jonas sang The Four Tops’ “Sugar Pie Honeybunch.”

Source: The Hill

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