Official Jonas Brothers Fansite in Malaysia

New Year Party

So, Jonas heads. Are you ready?!

We’re going to a new year, so, we’re thinking, “Why can’t we start a new year with some Jonas?”

So, here’s the plan. We think we want to send some Jonas love. We spam/send some love them nicely, ask them to play Just In Love, since it’s the latest single from any Jonas. You could ask for other songs too but we’re focusing on Joe’s new single. We thought about asking them to play the new song, ‘Dance Until Tomorrow’ but the song is not officially out yet.

Here’s the details:

Aim:                       To spread some Jonas love

Objectives:         1) To support Joe Jonas’s new single

2) To let them know that we, the Jonas heads, exist in Malaysia

3) To unite more Malaysian Jonas heads


When:                   Starting from 2pm, Sunday, 1st January, 2012. ( you could start early though)

How to connect:

Twitter: FlyFM958

Facebook: Fly FM Frequent Flyer

Flyfm site:


Any questions, contact us through Twitter, Facebook fanpage or email.


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